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Charts: select, remove, add new

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  • Charts: select, remove, add new

    • Tap right/upper corner for main menu (3 vertical dots).
    • Select Charts page

    There you will see list of entries available. At the page bottom you may see a currently selected chart details (date, time, location...)

    How to select a chart

    Tap a name in entries list to make selected entry current.

    How to add a new chart
    1. Tap New button
    2. New entry named Chart # XXX will be added to the list
    3. Tap Date button and input date
    4. Tap Time button and input time
    5. In the field below Date and Time buttons [Type in city first 4 letters] input the first birth place characters, for instance new for New York city.
    6. You will get a list of all "New ..." locations available in program places database.
    7. Select New York, New York in the list.
    8. A chart location coordinates, time zone and DST value fields will be filled from the program embedded tables. Latitude and Longitude buttons captions will be replaced with actual coordinate values.

    You may rename a chart by editing its name in the field above New and Delete buttons.
    Don't forget to finish a name editing with tapping Enter/OK/Done key on your device virtual keyboard, otherwise changes won't be stored.

    Also, you may manually edit the coordinates and DST value.
    At any time you may save changes by tapping the Save button.

    When a chart data editing is finished, tap DONE button to see a chart wheel.

    How to delete a chart

    Tap a Delete button to remove current chart from application database. This action cannot be reversed. Also you cannot remove the last chart.